Hello my fellow geeks!

I’m guessing that if you are reading this page, it’s because you’re looking to know a little bit about the author of this blog, so here are some facts about me:

✏️My name is Kerry (and yes, it is always extremely tempting to finish the lines from the song “Pretty Girl Rock” whenever I say that).

✏️I am a 20-year-old college student, studying under the major of Mass Communications, with a minor in the field of Theatre.

✏️I have always been obsessed with the beauty and fashion industries, and WILL be working in those industries one day!

✏️I am the beauty and fashion columnist for my college campus’ paper.

✏️ I have a YouTube channel in which you can see my spaztastic nature in action (rather than just reading it through my posts).

✏️I love really girly and glamorous things, but I am also the type of person to love nerdy topics as well, hence this blog name.

✏️I went completely vegan for a month. It was a rather interesting experience.

✏️I love writing and am hoping that my blog is something you’ll enjoy reading!

I can not wait to post on this blog, and to share my journalism growth and experience with you all! Feel free to follow this blog so that you can get notified whenever I post, and leave me a comment mentioning your blog so that I can check it out as well!

Happy blogging!


Kerry Ingram