Towson University A Capella Group Headed to 2017 ICCA Finals


The Towson Trills enjoying some camera-time in the city. 

The Towson Trills, Towson University’s newest student-run a cappella group, is headed to broadway this month to compete as finalists in the 2017 International Championship of Collegiate A Capella. As Towson’s first group to ever make it this far in the competition, as well as the smallest A Capella team EVER in the history of ICCA to make it to finals, this group of singing students surely has some talent up their sleeves. I sat down with the group’s manager and president, Aaron Bayne and Harmony Reichert, to get more insight on the group’s journey to A Capella stardom. Here’s what they had to say.


The Trills enjoying their views of the city while preparing for finals.


[FADE: 13 OUT]


Imagine trying something for the very first time and being good enough at it to earn a top ranking in its field. Sound impossible? For the Towson Trills, one of Towson University’s student-organized A Capella groups, this scenario is their reality. I spoke with the Trills’ manager/vocal percussionist, Aaron Bayne, as well as the group’s president/alto, Harmony Reichert, about this small group’s quick road to success.     

[SOT : BAYNE & REICHERT :15 OUT: Were having practice…]

BAYNE: “Trills is a really weird freak accident.”

REICHERT: “It just so happened that all these people came together that wanted to start a group and then it started, and it was like a week into school that we had the Towson Trills.”

BAYNE:  “Saturday, I think, we moved in, and then by Tuesday, we were having practice.


The Towson Trills will be competing in the ICCA finals in New York City on April 22. They are the first A Capella group from Towson University and the smallest A Capella group in the history of the ICCA competition to make it to the finals.

 [SOT: BAYNE & REICHERT :32 OUT: Coolest thing ever…]

BAYNE: “They started with 420 groups in this competition. Now we’re down to 10, and that’s the United States and the United Kingdom. So, we’re just a seven-member group from honestly an unknown school in the acapella community, whose been around for a little over a year and it’s our first time competing. So with all those variables factored in, the fact that we’re going to finals is so ridiculous.”

REICHERT: “I just think it’s just going to be so rewarding being on that stage and singing in front of people that are paying $146 just to come and see us. That’s going to be the coolest thing ever.”


When asked about what they’re looking forward to about their final step of the ICCA competition, Reichert assured me that although singing on Broadway and possibly winning are two massive perks, the Trills are simply happy putting Towson on the music map.

 [SOT: REICHERT :5 OUT: World at Towson…]

REICHERT: “We’re hoping that with this, a tide will turn in the acapella world at Towson.”


With the ripple the Towson Trills have already made in the competition so far, they’re sure to make waves at finals. This has been Kerry Ingram, reporting for Towson University.



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