Towson Student Becomes Published Author


(Photo of book cover provided by: Meryl Thomas/TU Student)


A second-year Towson University student published an original novel last month, becoming an official author and affiliate with the company Amazon.

Meryl Thomas, an undergraduate student at Towson University and newfound author of the book The Ringmaster’s Society: Enter the Ring, decided to publish her book in January as a way to start off the new year. The fictional novel, centered around the lives of students enrolled in a school to train as ringmasters, gained its inspiration from Thomas’ childhood interests.

“As a kid, I was always fascinated by the circus,” Thomas said. “I took my love for the circus and the performing arts and figured out ways to connect to other ideas. After a lot of sketching and planning, The Ringmasters Society was born.”

Although Thomas points towards “contruction” as one of the most difficult parts of writing the story, she credits Towson’s courses as a source of aid in the process.

“When I took English 102, I learned a lot from my professor,” Thomas said. “Under her guidance, I definitely picked up a lot of editing skills that helped me with getting this book together.”

Thomas’ novel is geared towards young adults. She has high hopes that it will be seen as an excellent read for college-aged students. Nicoletta Minutella, an English major at Towson University, is a fan of the novel.

“Meryl’s novel is such a thriller,” Minutella said. “It gives a sense of adventure and mystery that keeps you wanting to read more, and reading the book is even cooler knowing that it was written by someone from this very school!”

The Ringmaster’s Society: Enter the Ring is the first in a planned series of books to be written by Thomas. The novel is currently available for purchase on Amazon’s website.




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