Towson Students Exercise Voting Rights on Campus


Towson students wait patiently outside of UU Loch Raven room in order to place their votes. (Photo by: Kerry Ingram/TU Student)

A mix of excitement and nerves filled the air amongst Towson University students as they waited in line to vote in the 2016 presidential election Tuesday afternoon.

Voting polls were held in the Loch Raven room of the university’s student union, where both Towson students and any other Baltimore county residents could place their ballots. A line of students filed in, each having a different take on what they looked to get out of this election.

“I am really excited,” said Vivienne Teal, a secondary education major at Towson University. “This is my first time voting. I’m finally getting a chance to have my voice be heard.”

Other first-time voters shared similar sentiments.

“I just voted and feel empowered,” said Makira Holder, a student at Towson studying under the clinical psychology major. “I can only hope now that the right person will win.”

Although many of the students were enthusiastic about exercising their rights, some felt that this voting season was more nerve-wracking than inspiring.

“This election is so wonky,” said Henry Ruff, a mass communication major at Towson University. “I feel like no matter which way I vote, I’m losing.”

No matter the stance or political affiliation, student voters all agreed that having the option to vote on campus was helpful.

“Even though some students may not vote, the option is still nice since it gives us some sort of control over our future,” Ruff said.

Only time will tell what that future and whom our next president will be.


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