Taking a Step Up From Snapchat Selfies

Here are three pictures I decided to take in the hopes of practicing and enhancing my photography skills!

Eye of the Tiger


This picture was my favorite of the many pictures I took of our Towson Tiger in front of Stephens Hall. I love this picture because of the amount of sunlight I was able to capture. I love the fact that the sun, which is usually used to highlight features, is reflecting off of the tigers body, but that it’s able to guide the eye to…well, the Tiger’s eye (even though it isn’t illuminated by light). I love the contrast. I also tried to focu the Tiger’s face in the thirds of the picture as opposed to the center.

Hail to the Towson Tigers


I got the idea of taking a portrait picture of my classmates working on this exact photography project on a whim. I tried to be discreet (which worked because no one noticed that I was taking shots of them as opposed to the tiger) and was able to perfectly capture them in thirds. I really like the lighting and natural saturation of this photo. I also maintained eye-level with this picture.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fall


This picture was the very last picture I took. I was going to decide on the regular, scenic approach for a fall-themed picture, however I realized that sometimes a little can portray a lot. I took a close-up picture of a fallen leaf, again focusing on thirds and capturing good natural lighting. I didn’t want the sun to be completely beaming on the leaf because that would have been too strong to look like fall, so I am happy with the amount of lighting I was able to capture. I slightly angled the camera, and made sure not to include anything else in the photo as to not distract.

This was a really fun class activity, and it made me realize how much I like taking pictures. Don’t be surprised if you see me carrying around my camera from now on!


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