Welcome to Life of a Chic Geek!

This is my very first blog post EVER, and so I am going to use this post to introduce myself (and probably do so in a semi-awkward manner considering the blogosphere is completely new to me).

My name is Kerry Ingram, and I am a sophomore Mass Communications student at Towson University. I am creating this blog for my journalism class, however I already have a very strong feeling that this is something I am going to continue to have throughout my journalism career.

I am biracial (my father is African American and my mother is Puerto Rican), and take pride in the mixture of ethnicities that I possess. I like to think that I was made to be a “melting pot” of sorts – I have always had mixed interests in many different aspects of my life. This blog’s name is a perfect example of that – I love glamorous and chic things (Audrey Hepburn is my spirit animal), however I am also super practical and nerdy.

My tastes and interests are also a swirl of different things. I have an intense love for makeup artistry, and yet I will never be one of those girls you see reapplying their face throughout the day. I have the time of my life whenever I get the chance to go out and dance, but I also have a blast staying home on a Friday night, watching reruns of Ugly Betty as I snack on vegan goods. If you put my iPod on shuffle, you’re likely to hear an intense rap song, followed by some alternative rock, followed by a song from a musical production.

To put it simply, I’m an eclectic person.

My diverse range also plays a role in my career choice. My ultimate goal is to become either a journalist or public relations specialist in the beauty & fashion industry, however I also want to be the next talk show extraordinaire/YouTube celebrity/Beyonce/makeup brand owner/videographer/director/actress/dancer/Oprah Winfrey.

There are so many choices in this world, I swear…

Here are some other random facts about me that may or may not become useful knowledge to you (but more than likely, these facts won’t be of much use…):

✏️ I am 5’2.25″, and yes. The .25 does count.

✏️ I don’t eat cheese unless it’s on pizza.

✏️ I have a YouTube channel (if you saw on my homepage picture the “Glaminista08” tagline and said to yourself, What the heck is this?, that’s my YouTube username).

✏️ I am the baby of my family (the best sibling placement to be)!

✏️ I have an unhealthy obsession with goats, especially if they are of miniature stature and are wearing some type of onesie. I’m a Capricorn so this only makes sense.

✏️ I work at Sephora, and thus can probably determine the exact name of the lip color you’re wearing without you even having to tell me the brand.

✏️I have an abnormal list of food allergies and so I usually just tell people that I am allergic to life. It’s easier that way.

✏️ Did I mention that I wanted to be the next Oprah?

I still have quite a long way to go before I am of #OprahStatus, and so I’m hoping this blog will be a cool way to bring you along my journalistic journey as a growing, female, millennial in this interesting world.

Until next time!


Kerry 💕


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